DIY Scentsy Infused Laundry Detergent

Ready to make your very own laundry detergent using some of your favorite Scentsy Fragrance scents? You’ve seen tutorials galore demonstrating the process of making your own detergent in order to save money — but, it’s time to take it one step further! It’s time to go Scentsy style! | Make Your Own Scentsy-Infused Laundry Detergent! Save money, and support small business!

Ive made my own liquid laundry detergent before — but I’ve always preferred the powder kind ever since we started using it for our cloth diapers. So, now that we’re not cloth diapering — I was anxious to find a yummy scented home made laundry detergent! Scentsy offers the absolute perfect solution!

Using inspiration from, the ingredients needed for your Scentsy Infused Laundry Detergent are as follows:

  • 2 c. Borax
  • 2 c. Washing Soda (or make your own from baking soda as I did below!)
  • 1 bar Castille Soap (I used baby mild Dr. Bronners)
  • Half a bottle of Scentsy’s Washer Whiffs
    (Use your favorite Washer Whiffs Scent! We frequently use French Lavender!)

Yields approximately 6 cups of detergent, using 1 tbsp. per load, yields 96 loads

Step 1: Washing Soda Preparation & Borax | Make Your Own Scentsy-Infused Laundry Detergent! Save money, and support small business!

I wanted to save a bit of money on the “Washing Soda” part, as washing soda was $4.79 for 55 oz. That would be around $1.40 for a batch of detergent — I was able to get baking soda for $0.98 a box. Chemically, baking soda and washing soda are similar — you can actually turn baking soda into washing soda by baking it at 400° until the consistency changes accordingly. (Approximately one hour!)

Once it’s completed the conversion process, throw it into whichever container you’re going to store it into. If you’re a pinterest junky, you probably already have your glass jar, stainless steel scoop, and chalkboard labels ready! And I’m totally jelly. But, in regular Christina fashion, I just dumped some cereal crumbs out of a plastic cereal container, rinsed that baby out, and called it a day.

While you’re here — go ahead and add your Borax. He’s cool as is.

Step 2: Pulverizing that soap! | Make Your Own Scentsy-Infused Laundry Detergent! Save money, and support small business!

I chopped up my bar of castille soap and then added it to my food processor instead of using a cheese grater — really because I’m just a lazy bum. I pulsed it until it was nearly entirely powder — this way it would incorporate fully into the other powdery substances. (Important to note: Don’t forget your baby is sleeping upstairs. I was surprised after turning off my processor that I had a 2 year old toddler standing behind me.. Hey buddy! Sorry about that. He then says “All done? Okay, go night night again. Bye!” Then he preceded to pretend to go back to his room to sleep — but of course did not go back to sleep, lol.) Once your soap is pulverized — add that business to your cereal container! (We’re going with my plan, here!)

Step 3: Scentsify! | Make Your Own Scentsy-Infused Laundry Detergent! Save money, and support small business!

Time to add your Scentsy goodness! Dump half of your container of Scentsy Washer Whiff’s into your cereal container (or your fancy container). Then, the fun part – close the lid super tight and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE! Redistribute. SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE! And you’re done!! Now find an old scoop or tablespoon that you’re no longer using, throw that in there for convenience, and you’ve got your very own Scentsy Infused Laundry Detergent!

Scentsy’s Washer Whiffs come in several different scents — each one of them Scentsy perfect!

  • French Lavender, Pure, herbal fragrance of wild lavender from the hills of France.
  • Sunkissed Citrus, Lively blend of oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit.
  • Coconut Lemongrass, Creamy, tropical coconut and sunny, bright lemongrass.
  • Quiver, Innocent vanilla flower, warm sandalwood, and sultry night-blooming tuberose in a seductive scent, meant to cause a shiver of delight.
  • Vanilla Suede, coming March 1st, 2013!
  • White Tea & Cactus, coming March 1st, 2013!

Scentsy knows fragrance and you won’t be disappointed when you choose Scentsy’s Washer Whiffs to do your “dirty work!” You absolutely do not have to add them to your detergent – you can use them completely independently! Especially if you don’t plan on making your own detergent. Washer Whiffs make a great laundry add in to your favorite unscented detergent! Pair your freshly cleaned Washer Whiff-ified laundry with Scentsy’s Dryer Disks for added fragrance! Just remember, buying Scentsy instead of a store brand is directly helping someone who is independently in business for themselves — instead of lining a corporate pocket book. This means, your purchase is helping someone pay off debt, helping someone put their child through school or lessons, or even helping someone pay their day-to-day expenses! I’m honored to have you purchase through me; however, I urge you to support your Scentsy Independent Consultant if you already have one. If you don’t, I’m more than happy to be yours! | Make Your Own Scentsy-Infused Laundry Detergent! Save money, and support small business!

Cost Breakdown:

  • 76oz. Borax for $3.38 (used 16oz. ~ $0.72)
  • 1 box of Baking Soda for $0.98 (used almost entire box ~ $0.98, Washing Soda = $4.79 for 55oz, so 16oz would be $1.40)
  • 1 bar of Dr. Bronners Castille for $3.99 (entire bar used ~ $3.99, use Kirk’s Castille for only $1.20)
  • 1 bottle of Scentsy Washer Whiffs for $12 (half a bottle used ~ $6.00 – You can get them for $10/bottle in a combo pack!)

Cost of one batch of Scentsy Infused Laundry Detergent is approximately $7.90 -$11.69. This batch yields approximately 96-100 loads when using only 1 tbsp. per regular load. We used to use all natural detergent that cost us $15-$16 for around 60-80 loads — so this is a huge savings for us! We maybe use a load’s worth per day, so this will last us 3-4 months for sure.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have — and let me know which scent you’re anxious to try! Thank you for reading!

Christina Stainbrook

I've been a Scentsy Consultant since November of 2011. I've loved every moment of it! Scentsy has changed my life! Consider joining my team today!

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  1. This is awesome, I’m definitely going to try this!

  2. Kara N. says:

    I use Oxyclean in my diy powdered detergent. Is it ok with the Washer Whiffs? Thanks for a great idea!

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